DM Services

DM Services offers technology solutions and a wide range of infrastructure services to support manufacturers and product marketers looking to streamline and enhance operations of value-based go-to-market strategies. Blending industry-leading technology with our national distribution and service network footprint allows our partners to automate crucial distributed processes and order fulfillment resulting in improved speed to market, reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our order management systems can integrate with online storefronts, proprietary web-based ordering platforms or databases and our software development team can customize algorithms and order triggers tailored to your unique needs. Critical data, including tracking information, is provided through automated reporting making account details available online 24/7. Deliver the right products at the right time, with unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

Streamline and Enhance Operations.

  • Automated order fulfillment
  • Improved speed to market
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reach 99% of U.S. via economical ground shipping
  • Same day shipping
  • Deliver the right products at the right time, every time
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty