A comprehensive eCommerce strategy delivers 7x more sales growth than the industry average


Submitted by Distribution M… - July 22, 2022

A comprehensive eCommerce strategy delivers 7x more sales growth than the industry average

This year was the biggest Amazon Prime Day (July 12-13, 2022) in Amazon's history.  eMarketer reported that US Amazon Prime Day 2022 sales grew by 16.7% versus last year's event. Numerator's Prime Day Tracker (a survey of over 20,000 Amazon shoppers) showed that orders increased by 16.8% versus 2021.

HINGE GLOBAL's clients outperformed the industry, delivering 7-times more sales growth than the average Amazon business.  Accounts managed by HINGE GLOBAL's full-service channel management team saw a triple-digit increase of +115% in sales vs. Prime Day 2021 and +128% vs. Prime Day 2020. 

Amazon sellers and vendors often make the mistake of managing eCommerce work in a piecemeal fashion: having one entity oversee the advertising, another doing the creative content, etc. At best, brands that take a siloed approach may simply keep pace with their competition.  By contrast, HINGE GLOBAL achieves meteoric growth for its clients by using a holistic 360-degree strategy.  By implementing an integrated system, where digital content, promotions, advertising, and inventory management all work in concert, HINGE GLOBAL boosts its clients' market shares versus their competition. 

HINGE GLOBAL's comprehensive Amazon Prime Day strategy included:

  • Featuring Prime Member Promotions on special "Prime Day Deal" tabs on the Amazon Storefront pages designed by HINGE's creative team. 
  • Implementing coupons to boost sales for Amazon Vendor Central accounts, since Prime Member Promotions were not eligible for Amazon 1P businesses.  Since Amazon was changing coupon eligibility even during the Prime Day event, promotions had to be carefully monitored and managed throughout the period.
  • Developing an Amazon Advertising (AMS) plan that synchronized with the product promotion strategy.  The advertising leveraged a combination of Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brand Banner, and Sponsored Brand Video advertising.  Advertising budgets were managed carefully to ensure that the campaigns stayed active throughout the two-day event. 
  • Managing demand planning and inventory before the event to ensure that key items did not run out-of-stock, and promotions would be accepted by Amazon's algorithms.

As a result of these actions, businesses managed by HINGE GLOBAL saw an average of 156% increase in Ad Sales, 91% increase in Impressions, and 31% increase in Conversion Rate during Prime Day 2022 versus the prior year. 

HINGE GLOBAL is now shifting gears to help its clients get ready for Q4, Fall Prime Day, and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday events

Reach out to learn more:  contact@hingeglobal.com.


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