Friendly Reminder


Submitted by Lori.Montgomery - February 09, 2018

Whether you’re responsible for marketing or product development, listen up. This isn’t a list of earth-shattering, mind-blowing ideas, it’s simply a friendly reminder to get back to the basics of human psychology to improve what you do.

  1. Change your perspective – Unless you are your own target audience, stop writing copy and developing products from YOUR point of view.

  2. Swap shoes – You might THINK you know your customers, but do you really? Imagine a day in their life. Walk in their shoes. Or, if you’re having trouble with that, go out and actually talk to the people you are targeting. You don’t need a big market research budget to have a conversation.

  3. Channel your inner 3-year-old – Start asking why! Why does my product matter? Why should people care about it? These are the questions your customers are already asking.

  4. Get to the point –Meaningful, descriptive words are good, but don’t fill the space with too much unnecessary fluff. Tell your customers what they need to know about your product. Then, show them with images and videos.

  5. Listen & respond – If your customers reach out via social media, your customer service line or email, respond! Period. There is no excuse for not listening to your customers and addressing their concerns or questions. If they’ve taken the time to contact you, they expect you to show the same respect.

  6. Show some emotion! – Your brand isn’t just about the product. It can be an emotional, intrapersonal connection with your customers. Whether they know it or not, these feelings sway their decision to stay loyal (or not) to your brand.