Looking for a new edge? Thermal may be your answer


Submitted by Supplies Network - March 09, 2019

Looking for a new edge? Thermal may be your answer.

You’re meeting your customers’ printing and imaging needs, but what about thermal needs? Do your customers even use thermal printers? Now’s the time to find out. You could be missing out on a HUGE opportunity to expand your business and rescue your customers’ thermal fleet. Your customers in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and industrial operations are likely already using Zebra thermal printers; however, they could be using the wrong supplies or third-party supplies, yielding chaos to their business.

We all know a disruption in business flow can cost significant money. And not only money, but time – something we can never get back. By partnering with the experts in thermal printing, you can become the go-to person your customers need when navigating the hundreds of thermal ribbon options and supply formulations.

Become the pillar of strength for your customers by recognizing the 3 steps below.


  1. Research pays off. This is where the trust begins. Reach out to your customers and learn as much as you can about the thermal devices that play a role within their working environment. Be sure to also find out if your customer is responsible for the current devices or if there is someone else you should be in contact with.


  1. What are their pain points? Operational hiccups are causing major headache and disruption to your customers’ bottom line, so this is a big deal to them. Listening to and understanding their everyday struggles is the pivotal moment in earning their trust. Your customers will appreciate you taking the time to understand their needs and the eagerness to find a working solution.


Are they constantly replacing print heads?

Does label adhesive get built up in their printers?

Do the labels fade causing scannability issues?

Are the labels not adhering properly?

Can you help streamline procurement?


  1. Offer a solution with confidence. We’ve got your back on this one. We partner with Zebra because they’re the leaders in the thermal industry. This partnership gives you the upper hand, which makes you stand out against the competition and secure the ultimate end-goal: customer loyalty.


Opportunity awaits. Let us help you show your customers that you’re the difference maker they’ve been searching for.